21. - 30. 07 & 06. - 15.08

21. - 30. 07 & 06. - 15. 08

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New Bali-Prospect (german)
Informieren Sie sich in unserem neuen Bali-Prospekt über die alljährlich stattfindenden Seminare
"Essenz der Seele" auf Bali mit Lex van Someren.

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10 Days Intensiv-Retreat on Bali

with Lex van Someren

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Treat yourself to 10 (or more) days in paradise! On the untouched north side of Bali, behind the holy mountains in the midst of a tropical park and directly on the ocean, lies the lovely Gaia-Oasis Seminar Center, whose 20 bungalows, a seminar room, a restaurant and a swimming pool, are nested within a beautiful grove of palm trees. Here is where our seminar will take place, a place which also encompasses the beauty and strength of nature and of the sea, so that we can discover and feel our true and original essence through movement, dance, sound and silence, and let it enfold.
It is a place and a seminar for awakening tenderness, healing, deep zest for life, complete genuineness and self-responsibility, for coming in contact with your own truth and loving self-acceptance.

There will also be plenty of time each day during the retreat for self-regeneration and to enjoy time in the nature.

This 10 day retreat offers a unique opportunity to discover the power of silence as the true source within you, and to learn to hear the tender voice of your heart and give it expression.

Through the healing power of nature and of Bali, and with the seminar's deep-taking, yet open atmosphere, together with the beauty provided by the „Gaia Oasis“ center itself, you will easily be able to step into a deep connection to the original nature of your Self (your essence).
This place and this seminar offer an optimal chance to discover your body and its expression, with all of its capabilities and limitations. This is the entryway to paradise within you – the complete unfolding of your Soul's potential, in here and now.
Through movement, dance, sound, singing, soul language and meditation, you will find a deep connection between Soul and body, and you will be able to reach an integration of your Soul's potential. In this work, you will be able to realize your limitations and recognize behavior patterns that you are caught in. Each person has his or her own healing path, which can be mastered for each individual in his or her own way due to the sacred space provided by the seminar and through the expert guidance provided by the seminar's team.
Outings in the untouched nature are also included as part of the seminar, such as taking a trip small fisher boats to watch dolphins at sunrise or taking a hike to the holy waterfalls.

You're welcome!


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Restaurant 02

Restaurant 03

Vegetarisches Essen 01

Vegetarisches Essen 02
You can also use time before or after the seminar to stay and relax at the center and to find out more about the island, take organized outings, or participate in the Balinese temple festivities, etc.
From your hammock you can watch the sailing boats, a nearby reef invites you to go snorkeling, and if you take a boat outing, you may be able to meet the dolphins. Water and air temperatures are typically around 28°C.

Room and Board
The seminar center on the ocean provides double-bungalows that have been hand-built and decorated by the Balinese people. The bungalows lie within a garden full of coconut and mango trees.
The center lies directly on the sea. It houses a temple, a restaurant, a swimming pool and a wellness area. The restaurant, which lies directly on the sea, offers excellent vegetarian dishes, and fish or poultry if desired.
Each double-bungalow consists of 2 large double rooms with bathroom and kitchen, as well as a large terrace. A third bed can also be placed in the room.
We recommend full boarding. With full boarding, you receive breakfast and 2 meals daily as well as fruit and drinks for the entire day!

Due to the limited number of participants, register early!

Seminar Fee: € 835,-* per person (VAT included)

Seminar time:
The seminar time about 5 h/day is variable and will be agreed with the group.

Double room: € 30* per person und day
Extra bed: € 20*
Single room: € 45* per day

Boarding (Price per Day)
Full board: € 20,00*

Each participant must take care of his or her own flight.
Please book at first after you’ve got the registration confirmation.

Wellness Area and Other Special Offers:
Ayurvedish treatments, body massages, foot massages, manicures, or face treatments cost approximately € 10,00 per hour!

After registering, you will receive additional information and recommendations for the trip to Bali.

* subject to change without notice